Protecting the environment

Conservation and Preservation

When it comes to community, what's beyond your four walls is as important as what's within. SunCal's creative solutions promise the best of both worlds: energy-efficient homes that foster the beauty and well-being of the outdoors. Some of our principles may include:

  • Homes are clustered away from biologically sensitive areas to maximize preserved open space and natural resources.
  • Low-water-use native and drought-tolerant non-native landscapes are planted throughout communities to keep water usage down.
  • Stormwater management employs a variety of techniques to ensure storm runoff is controlled on-site and cleaned of sediments or pollutants before being discharged into surface or ground water.
  • Partner homebuilders are encouraged to design and construct residences that are ecologically responsible, including energy- and water-efficient materials, fixtures and appliances.
  • Wherever possible, existing trees are preserved and augmented with new tree plantings. Street trees and trees in parks and open spaces offer cooling shade, provide wildlife habitat and create visual diversity.
  • Preserved wildlife movement corridors allow animals to freely travel across the property and link to other significant habitat areas and open spaces.
  • The use of reclaimed water for landscape irrigation creates water-efficient communities that reduce potable water usage by up to 60 percent.
  • Preservation of the historical and cultural significance of the community creates a strong sense of place.