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April 24, 2015

Delta Coves marina community on Bethel Island moves forward

Photo courtesy of SunCal

Work on the Delta Coves housing project in Bethel Island, seen here in an aerial rendering, is starting again after it sat idle for years.

A Bethel Island property, long expected to be the site of a luxury marina community, will soon be awash in activity, giving off ripples of hope it will one day be completed.

The project, southeast of the intersection of Bethel Island Road and Gateway Drive, is slated to include up to 419 homes with private boat docks. It has a rocky history dating back to 1979, and has sat idle since 2008. However, the SunCal real estate development company is preparing to move it along after purchasing the land.

“Our purchase of the property in mid-2012 is what brought new life to this project,” said SunCal spokesperson Joe Aguirre. “Since then, we have been busy with various preparatory steps that are necessary to move the project forward.”

Much of the infrastructure on the site will need repair or replacement because it has deteriorated or was vandalized from 2008 to 2012, after global financial services firm Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. Meanwhile, new project developments are taking place.

A facilities installation agreement was approved with the Diablo Water District in March, allowing building of water supply facilities to accommodate the project’s water service needs.

Construction will start in the off-site, water-supply line, which will bring its current location at East Cypress and Bethel Island roads to the Delta Coves entrance.

“In particular, recently securing a water supply is a significant milestone that brings us closer to readying the residential lots for sale to homebuilders,” Aguirre said.

Work on the project is complicated, since it involves coordinating with several agencies, including the water district and the county, but is a welcome development. Work should continue well into 2016, and sale of lots to homebuilders should coincide with the housing market’s demands.

“Their intention is to be a good neighbor and a positive addition to our community, so we are trying to proceed with that spirit,” said Jeff Butzkaff, manager of the Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District (BIMID).

He expects the BIMID will assume the responsibility of most of the infrastructures and operational facilities in the future.

The 310-acre project, adjacent to the Dutch and Sandmound sloughs, is expected to include 494 waterfront residential lots, and 66 condominiums built around a synthetic lagoon to give residents access to the water, and all points east and west to the San Francisco Bay. Crews dredged the marina basin 21 feet below sea level, and then obtained government permits to breach the Delta levee, creating a 160-foot-wide passage that provides water access between the new community and the Delta.

Other amenities include a 130-acre marina with 230 slips, and a 3,000 square-foot community clubhouse that will include a fitness center and swimming pool.

“Delta Coves will be a luxury marina community that will feature high-quality waterfront homes, and provide residents with boating access to the Delta and San Francisco Bay,” Aguirre said.

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