Putting high tech at your fingertips

Complete Connectivity: Wired to the World

We live in a very connected world today, and SunCal recognizes how important technology and superior connectivity are to a high-quality lifestyle. That's why we incorporate state-of-the-art communications technologies into the design of each of our communities. Technologies like Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH), 4G wireless cellular and community WiFi are examples of the technologies that SunCal includes in our communities.

Working with our technology partners, SunCal provides:

  • Gigabit speeds over state-of-the-art fiber networks
  • Internet services included in HOA dues (can vary by community)
  • Superior cell coverage throughout the community
  • WiFi coverage within the community
  • Community portal website (community intranet)

From the very earliest of planning stages, SunCal works to proactively incorporate these superior services and other technologies into each one of our projects. This ensures that residents will be able to experience the benefits and services of today's and tomorrow's technology advances.

Note: Services vary by project.