Protecting our most valuable asset

For People and the Planet

At SunCal, we pride ourselves on being environmentally sensitive by building sustainable projects that respect their natural surroundings. We carefully plan each of our communities to protect biologically sensitive locations that preserve natural features and open space. We look to ensure our communities are clean, green and pristine for the next generation.

Our commitment to the environment is best expressed in the preservation of thousands of acres of ridgelines, wetlands, oak woodlands and natural habitats within SunCal communities. Since these lands are home to many of the earth's most spectacular creatures, we provide wildlife corridors that allow animals access to significant habitat areas. And we create miles of public trails that allow people to experience nature's treasures up close.

Open Space Management Principles

Natural open space is selected and managed using the following principles:

  • Integrate wildlife corridors
  • Preserve native habitat
  • Develop adjacent to existing open space
  • Create recreational opportunities
  • Maintain sensitive species
  • Partner with conservation groups
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Groom trails regularly