The proof is in the planning

From Vision to Vibrant Places

At SunCal, we believe that stewarding the environment—for both recreation and habitat protection—is an essential component of the planning process. Here are just a few case studies that illustrate our smart and environmentally sensitive planning efforts.

Potomac Shores, Potomac Shores, VA

Preserved more than 850 acres of hardwood forests within this 1,920-acre riverfront community, providing habitat for birds, deer and other wildlife. Creating miles of walking, hiking and biking trails, giving residents the opportunity to meander among the woods and streams.

Westport at Mandalay Bay, Oxnard, CA

Worked closely with the US Army Corps of Engineers to build intertidal mud flat and salt marsh habitats for shoreline birds, construct two acres of adjoining upland habitat and install advanced water-runoff filtration structures to clean storm runoff before it's discharged into the ocean.