SunCal in the news

March 06, 2013

SunCal Starts $66M Army Work toward Dublin Crossing

DUBLIN, CA-SunCal has begun the first military development project here, a deal worked out with the Department of Defense in order to gain 180 acres for the construction of the mixed-use Dublin Crossing.

SunCal agreed in a Reserve Property Exchange Agreement to build $66 million worth of new military facilities at Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area. The company broke ground Wednesday on a new Access Control Point on the west side of Camp Parks off Dougherty Avenue. The control point includes a new main gate, an Administration/Police Department Building covering 4,300 sq. ft. and a 1,200-sq. ft. Visitor Center and Mail Room, along with other related components. These facilities are planned to be completed and operational next year.

In addition to the new main gate and administrative building in this phase, the agreement’s six-step schedule also includes: a variety of road and utilities infrastructure construction and improvements; a 33,000-sq.-ft. area maintenance support facility; a 33,000-sq.-ft. regional medical training facility; a 42,000-sq.-ft. Army Reserve training facility; and a 40,000-sq.-ft. public works/logistics warehouse.

In return the Dublin Crossing master-planned community will be a transit-oriented development within walking distance of a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station and will include 1,500 new homes, parks and several hundred thousand sq. ft. of retail, office, hotel and industrial uses.

“This groundbreaking represents a major step forward in constructing new facilities for the Army and creating a new community for Dublin,” said David Soyka, a senior vice president with SunCal. “As each of six projects is completed, SunCal will receive a corresponding piece of land that will comprise Dublin Crossing. We’re designing this as a walkable community that will encourage residents to use the local public transit and rely less on cars.”

The Army chose SunCal through a competitive selection process that began when more than 150 investors, contractors, developers and other interested parties attended an “industry day” to launch the Army’s search. SunCal was selected based on its collective experience and the Army’s determination that its submission was the best overall value for the Army.